Vision Mission and Values

About Ball Lab

The Ball Lab Academy helps young athletes put all their basketball skills together by playing on a team on a regular basis. Working together kids learn leadership, passing skills, trust, communication on and off the court and how to bring your best when the team is under pressure to perform.

How We Started Ball Lab

In 2013, I opened my first gym, a 700 sq. ft studio.
It started with 1 Gr. 8 athlete who wanted a private basketball lesson after he was cut from his team. Ironically, I was cut 8 times before I made a team (in college). Being a self-taught basketball player and late bloomer in the sport (I was 4’11” in Grade 7) made coaching a natural fit for me. Inspired by the book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins, I transitioned from a physical education teacher to a basketball coach/entrepreneur. Before I had my own space, I was meeting my clients at the local community centres and track for workouts. I then rented studio space and worked as a strength and conditioning coach at Hollyburn Country Club before I had enough clients to rent my own space.