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Who We are & how we started ball lab

We are passionate coaches who are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and inspiring envirnoment for young athletes.  Our mission is Life Long Peak Performance.

In 2013, I opened my first gym, a 700 sq. ft studio in West Vancouver. It started with one athlete who wanted a private basketball lesson after he was cut from his team. Ironically, I was cut 8 times before I finally made a team in college (never played high school). Being a self-taught basketball player and late bloomer in the sport (I was 4’11” in Grade 7) made coaching a natural fit for me. Inspired by the book, Good to Great, by Jim Collins, I transitioned from a physical education teacher to a basketball coach/entrepreneur. Before I had my own space, I was meeting my clients at the local community centres and track for workouts. I then rented studio space and worked as a strength and conditioning coach at Hollyburn Country Club before I had enough clients to rent my own space.

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OMG! I LOVE these people. Their facility is second to none. They love their athletes and its so obvious that they love what they do! They seem to help with everything from improving your jump to corrective exercises! The owner Bijan has so much compassion and personality and skill level, he and his team are amazing! If you just want to have fun or if you want to improve your basketball skills, don’t hesitate to call them! Brilliant concept. Love it!

Great place and you’ll definitely make new friends and get better at the sport. Just know. Don’t like any other team besides the Lakers and you have to know one thing. Basketball isn’t just a sport. It’s a lifestyle too

My 11 year old son and his friend loved it. Coach Bijan and his team are awesome and have gotten my son beyond pumped for playing basketball at a higher level. I highly recommend it!

Very friendly place. Good condition and good Coach.


Our team of performance coaches are passionate, dedicated, and committed to developing young athletes for life long peak performance.

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